This is a huge day in the life of your soldier and your family should be there to celebrate his achievement. With the exception of a few designated spots for honored military guests, you are free to take whatever seats you would like! I only had a few hours of restless sleep because I was too excited! Asian-American student speaker high school graduation ceremony event commencement baccalaureate talk inspire cap gown Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. But give them an extra ounce of understanding and expect the entire day to be a whirlwind for them. Please know that this is only my experience at graduations. I have a guideline on how to do that here, as well as my favorite stationary supplies for the job.

US Army National Guard basic training graduation ceremonies. Thanks for your help in advance! Fort Benning is actually surrounded by some fun people, places, and things. I am confused about something. Figure about a hour and a half for the ceremony it’s self. It is such an amazing but challenging lifestyle that is so hard to understand.

While your soldier will experience many other meaningful moments in his or her career, none are quite like graduation day from Basic Training. But just as a quick synopsis: Either a big auditorium, or, most likely a isut field.

Army Graduation Ceremonies

One question- On grad day do they call soldiers up one by one or keep it in more of a group formation? You can find information about graxuation them here.


osut graduation speech

It took what seemed like forever for them to get there. Semi-formal or formal is unnecessary. If the event is outdoors, expect there to be a lot of marching in formation and a big army band.

Not everyone is nice, nope.

Sometimes too, the Drill Speecn are feeling nice and will give the soldiers their phones for a bit on Sunday, to make calls. Georgia was super pretty -quite a different pace from our neck of the country! Comment any Fort Benning questions below, and either I or one of our fabulous readers will try to fill you in.

They are on the main post — look for the jump towers.

I love this guy so much! What hotel would you gradustion. Brianna August 18, First, we were all brought inside and were treated to a speech by their commander and shown a short video. Talking in a busy bay might not be the best setting for a phone call, but it beats sitting in a phone booth with a line of 20 people behind you!

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osut graduation speech

As far as pre-determined contact from your soldier goes, the closest thing to a guarantee is the infamous second phone call. Yes, the graduation is definitely a group thing. Laura Stidham January 9,1: All of the families attending Turning Blue had to arrive early to be briefed by the Commanding Officer and the Head Sergeants of the company.


The graduation locations vary by installation, and can be graruation indoors or outdoors. Some have a hour pass before they leave for their AIT training. August 12, No Comments.

Find all posts by wolq. There is no limit to how many family members, loved ones, or friends you can invite. Gradation will definitely get taken, but it will be held safe and secure until he is allowed to use it.

With the exception of a few designated spots for honored military guests, you are free to take whatever seats you would like!

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And yet year after year, thousands of American families, spouses, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Cindy January 4, Nothing is better than an all-night phone call! The National Infantry Museum.