He also liked horse-riding and often went to parks for the very purpose. He had restored several cars, and his decorative work on seats and rims earned him quite a lot of money. So I wanted to see the hope in children eyes again. His mother recalls that her son was very happy on December 16, before he left for school. She also says he was eager to polish his English. When I did not stop teaching in my sehan [veranda], where I continued to teach my class, they started throwing stones inside my house. He joined APS as a math teacher in

However, the courage of our childreen and the innocense will always be in lightend and we convey SALAM to them and to the beloved ones who were martyred. More than students and staff were killed, many of them executed at point-blank range by gunmen who also detonated bombs around the school buildings. The day of the attack, his classmates say Malik died just as heroically. In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: Our memory will live forever, giving strength and hope to all. A very good information for the affected families and and those who love and want to get information in detail with pictures regarding each and every martyred. Wife of Dr Naeem Mumtaz Children:

Phil in Education and was pursuing a Ph.

Tribute to APS Peshawar Martyrs

Her brother Anas remembers her as very kind and responsible. For his parents, it was the second time they had lost a child, as their son Faizan had passed away at age three. He also praised the untiring efforts of the armed forces to drive the curse of terrorism out of the country.


His father says his son would not eat lunch or dinner unless the gardeners, gatekeepers and drivers had theirs.

If anything happens, I would not let you down before anyone. Husnain had big dreams.

‘A river of tears’: Peshawar school attack survivors tell of their trauma

On 30 December fnglish, Pakistani batsman Younis Khan visited the school. Waqar was a Qari and had learnt five siparahs of the Holy Quran by heart; he also offered prayers five tatack a day. He was close to his father, and would often discuss his passion for science and research with him. Innately gifted, Waqar only had to scan his books once to be able to write a stellar exam and earn a position in his school.

Bilal Arshad always aspired to join the Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer. Interview with Indian novelist Arundhati Roy “India is much more dangerous than it was ten years ago”.

2014 Peshawar school massacre

The eldest of six children, Muhammad Daud had dreams of serving his nation as an army officer. When asked to talk about his son, his father says he is unable to express his sorrow. He kept parrots, hens, rabbits and fish at home. He called out to the others to tell his brother Ahmed, also a student at the school, to come help him.

His classmate Samiullah says Shahzeb saved him wttack their other friends during the massacre. The young boy had just come out of the water a long swim when his cousin Zeeshan was swept up by a current and was going to drown. Polite and studious, Shahzad had dreamed of becoming an airforce pilot.

Taliban attacks on schools in Pakistan: “We will never forget what happened” –

Most of the operation took place in the attempt to clear this block and rescue the hostages taken by the gunmen. Malik says he has recovered mentally, but he is unable to forget the day and his friends.


essay on aps peshawar attack in english

He was the eldest amongst his siblings and the sole bread winner of his family. According to his father, Farhan was the most outstanding of his nine children.

essay on aps peshawar attack in english

His siblings who live at home are in dire poverty as the sole breadwinner of the family is no longer there. This is a hauntingly beautiful tribute to these peshaaar souls.

Bright and studious, Ahmed had a beautiful singing voice. He had made his third trip back into the school during the rescue operation when he was struck. His parents lost their child and I lost one of my brilliant students. His father says Azaan kept watch through the night so he and his friends could sleep.

Sohail was a bright student and wanted to study in LUMS after high school. In games he likes to play cricket and football.

essay on aps peshawar attack in english

Azaan Toraylay was true to his name means brave in Pashto. People say I’m the strongest person and yet I cried. He always had a smile on his face. The only time he did shed his shy demeanor was when he played cricket.