We are working 24 hours a day and our writers are available on weekends as well. Histology – Structure of cell. The PG student should be encouraged to present the clinical details, radiological, and histo-pathological interpretations, and participation in the discussion. Retention and relapse – Mechanotherapy – special reference to stability of results with various procedures – Post retention analysis. Questions on recent advances may be asked in any or all papers.

Chronology of dental development and development of occlusion. Archive Guidelines for writing the PG dissertation. Essays on time management key to success, spongebob essay meme zombie holi essay in english. Applied preventive aspects in Orthodontics – Caries and periodontal disease prevention Oral hygiene measures Clinical procedures ix. Journal of Periodontology 2.


Pigmented lesions of oral mucosa. Myofunctional Orthodontics – Basic principles – Contemporary appliances – their design and manipulation – Case selection and evaluation of the treatment results – Review of the current literature. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antipyretic-analgesics. The certification of satisfactory progress is based on the work dairy and log book. Discuss about ntruhs pg dissertation topics here.

Topics to be covered as seminars. Describe interrelationship between periodontal disease and various systemic conditions. The candidate should be medically fit. Pulp and periapical pathology Pathobiology of periapex. Cell adhesion molecules and mechanism of adhesion.


Surgical sutures, drains Post operative care – concept of recovery room care, Airway management, Assessment of Wakefulness, management of cardiovascular instability in this period, Criteria for shifting to the ward, pain management.

Dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Nomenclature of specialties for MDS degree 1. Community dental health — Jong Transplantation of Teeth 7. Detailed clinical procedures — restorations, endodontics, preventive and interceptive orthodontic procedures, and prosthodontic procedures.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

The completed dissertation should be submitted 6 months before the final examination. Anatomy of Neck Region – Triangles of the neck with a special reference to carotid, digastric triangles and facial spaces. Drugs acting on Central Nervous System – General anesthesia.

Spread of infection and oral foci of infection. Endo-perio interrelationship, endo-perio lesions and management Durgs and chemicals used in Endodontics Endo emergencies and management.

You will bring short excerpts from your work-in-progress for discussion and feedback in the group. Study of special and applied pathology of oral tissues as well as relation of guirelines pathologic and clinical findings to systemic conditions.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Age changes — clinical structure. Paper IV will be one essay. Periodontology — Herbert F. Dental ceramics — recent advances, finishing and polishing materials.


Staff Signature Table 11 Publications Name: Such meetings may be held at least once a month. Approach Didactic lectures on biostatistics dissertstion discussion on research methodology by eminent researchers.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Clinical postings Each trainee shall work in the clinics on regular basis to acquire practical skills and competency in managing various cases to be treated by specialist. The dissertation shall be referred to the examiners and acceptance of it by the examiners shall be precondition and eligibility criteria for the candidate to appear written examination.

Periodontal Ligament – Berkovitz 5. Radiographic interpretation – Dental Caries, periodontal diseases, regressive changes of teeth. Art of radiographic report, dissertatuon and descriptors preferred in reports.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Paper I, II, III shall consist of two long questions carrying 20 marks each and 5 short essay questions each carrying 7 marks. European Journal Of Orthodontics