Retrieved 5 December Christmas Caroling Contest – Facebook”. Retrieved 3 November Lola Nidora forces Yaya Dub to sign a contract ensuring that the wedding will proceed. Retrieved 25 May Ang Katotohanan – Facebook”.

Lola Nidora tells Yaya not to expect Christmas every day. However, despite all of this, Nidora is not convinced that she is the real mother of Yaya Dub, so she immediately rejects her. Nidora wants to replace the smaller table with a bigger one, but the Dabarkads disapprove; so she makes a deal. Retrieved 30 March Nidora tells Yaya that the OFWs Overseas Filipino Workers should be her inspiration because they endure suffering and work hard for their loved ones. Retrieved 15 April

This episode is divided into two parts, an initial minute skit and a lengthier minute continuation, being interspersed by the “Sugod Bahay” part.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Lola Nidora reveals her “Scoreboard: Ang Laman ng Diary – Facebook”. Nidora then reminds everyone not to rush things, but instead to be grateful of what they have, as everything has its right time.

Her sisters Tidora and Tinidora, however, believe that they are just overreacting since they do not have an idea when or where Isadora will appear. Retrieved 27 July Nidora says that she wants to be prepared just in case Isadora shows up.

Nidora still doesn’t want Splving Dub to know the truth while her other sisters admit that they’re voting Alden to be with Yaya. Lola Nidora receives a call from her Doctor about her condition.


Lola Nidora has planned the deception of the wedding and dying in order to get the ranson money from Frankie. Before Yaya heads solvint the studio, the Lolas give her some final advice.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Retrieved 19 February Alden accepts and completes the challenge, much to Yaya Dub’s delight. Practice Pa More – Facebook”.

Eat Bulaga April 29 2017 Part 4 –

Guy and Pip – Facebook”. Suddenly, Yaya Dub appears with the medicine. Lola Nidora arrives and thanks Yaya Dub and Solvjng because they have agreed, although reluctantly, to the marriage. Retrieved 13 May Yaya Luvs and the Lolas try their best to make Yaya smile to no avail but she lightens up when Bae-by Baste serenades her. Yaya Dub then finally calls Lola again after she has finished with her errand. Everybody then reminds Nidora about the surprise that she had promised last time.

The Riding-in-tandem arrives and delivers bouquets of flowers for Nidora and Yaya, who promise that they will not leave each other no solvin what. She tells Yaya that she is afraid that Yaya may leave her, and Yaya 299 Nidora that she will not do so. She wants to bring Yaya and her sisters over to the studio on Saturday so she can formally introduce Yaya to the rest of the Dabarkads.


Alamat ng Split Screen – Facebook”. To prevent Isadora from taking Yaya Dub from her and her sisters, Nidora makes them all wear disguises bulga camouflage their appearance.

Eat Bulaga April 29 KalyeSerye #‎ALDUBPoreberMahal‬ [2/2] – video dailymotion

Eat Bulaga – AlDub Ang Chismis Ni Cookie – Facebook”. Meanwhile, Yaya Dub tries to be cheerful even though Alden is not there because he is busy with prior commitments.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

solvng Nidora calls for a medic due to her extreme anxiety, but Tinidora and Yaya promise her and each other that they will confront the mysterious person together. Alden then presents Yaya with lollipops that say “AlDub You”. She looks for Alden, and eventually sees him on the split-screen monitor. Lola Nidora gets angry as she finds out that Alden’s delivery is a pack of chicharon. Her anxiety problemm when she sees Bae-by Baste in disguise and wishing her good luck. The second mysterious caller arrives; it is Lola Tidora, Nidora’s twin sister, accompanied by her bodyguards, the Bernardos.